Marketing Philosophy From Steve Jobs’ Biography

Earlier this year I read Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, an insightful biography about a true visionary. This business titan is a god in the design world and had many pearls of wisdom to share throughout the book. I came across one in particular I thought would be incredibly valuable to you, our clients. Take a look at the below info and try to apply it to your situation. It is advice we can all use to improve upon our marketing efforts…

Steve Jobs truly believed your marketing philosophy is what makes you stand out from the competition. Apple’s philosophy was incredibly simple, yet powerful.

3 basic concepts…

Empathy – Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Know their needs and wants in order to strike an emotional chord.
Focus – Focus your energy on doing only those things that will make the biggest impact.
Impute – The way you present yourself is how you will be perceived. Your image and how you deal with the details can tell a story. As an example, at the Apple booth during an early trade show Jobs was unveiling a new product. He had empty boxes stacked neatly next to his stand to portray a full inventory. In reality they hadn’t gone into production yet.

How does your business show Empathy? How do you decide what to Focus on? How do you control the perception of your brand?

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